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* Fully Integrated with all other WMTC modules

* Tracks Holiday, Vacation, Sick, and up other User Defined time accruals

* Accommodates Federal, State, Medicare, & FICA, plus User Defined "Before Tax" deductions, as well as additional User Defined "After Tax Deductions".

* All W/H calculations can be overridden per the User Defined definitions

* Payroll Module easily accommodates full-time, part-time, salaried, and hourly paid employees.  A single employee can be a divided between multiple payment methods in a single Payroll Period.

* Prints payroll checks, employee stubs, current, MTD, YTD payroll summaries, etc. with a single mouse click

* Allows for unlimited allocation of salaries across unlimited funds and/or accounts. * One-button W-2 printing at end of calendar year.

Fund Accounting


* Fully integrated with all other WMTC software products

* All Codes User Defined

* Maintain accurate books for unlimited funds, sites, and offices.

^ Add New Accounts anytime during accounting cycle

* State-of-the-art error trapping keeps you on track using fully english error descriptions

* Automated double entry - all accounting entries made for you automatically based on line account transaction type

* Extremely Simple
Journal Entry process

* Automatic vendor retrieval saves hours of data input time

* Detailed historical views keep you on top of all transactions for years and even decades into the past if necessary.

* Proven Reliability. WMTC systems have passed thousands of annual audits, both public and private.  In 30 years, not a single audit issue has arisen due to system processing.

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Utility Billing

* Highly Scalable - Unlimited Customers, Unlimited Meters 

* 100% Electronic Read compatible

* Automatic online payment processing for ACH/Credit cards means your customers do NOT have to sign in each month to pay their utiilty bill. After secure registration, the software conveniently pays the bill for them!!

* Multiple Billing Addresses accommodated

* Bar Code capable and ready for readings / receipts

* Up to 6 utilities billed and tracked simultaneously

* Complete real-time Accounts Receivable tracking

* Unlimited Customer Transactional History (Billing, Payments, Adjustments, etc.)

* Budget Billing / Contract Billing supported

* Automated reminder notices / disconnect notices

* Unlimited Rate Schedules supported

* Sales Tax, Discounts, Premiums, and Allotment charges/surcharges supported

* "On-the-fly" error trapping and context sensitive help throughout

* Internet Ready integration allows all billing functionality to be performed from any internet connection in the world.

* Full Cycle Automated online payment , automatic receipting, and accounts receivable tracking.