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White Mountain Technology and consulting is proud to be an 100% American company based in Longmont, Colorado.  Our business model is one that is designed to keep our business out of the volume sales market.   Too many customers always equates to too little service in the industries we serve, and service after the sale is our most important commodity. We pick our customers as carefully as they pick us.  Once we commit to your site we are with you every step of the way, for decades in most cases, to insure YOUR goals and aspirations are successfully met in every way.  Whether it be a change in technology direction, or a strategic business initiative, we've been there, done that … for over 35 years.

Our products and services are second to none relative to simplicity of use. We've got customers that have been with us for over 20 years. We customize our solutions to meet their business needs, over time but always make those changes familiar and simple to utilize. We've got customers that bill over 2 million dollars a month and customers that bill under 1000 dollars a month.  As a testament to the software's simplicity, both the very large complex sites and the very small simple ones use the exact same WMTC software designs and solutions .

Every service offered by WMTC is developed, managed and implemented right here in the United States - we outsource no part of our business to foreign suppliers - from the programmers and designers to the shipping department and the support staff.  We believe in the Quality, Service and Superior Workmanship that will virtually guarantee your success.  We believe we get that from American workers and products.

Join our family of WMTC customers. We'll be happy design solutions that guarantee to make your vision a reality.

White Mountain Technology and Consulting, LLC has been offering successful Financial Management software and consulting Services for the Utilities, Governmental and Military industries for over 35 years.  Our software and technology solutions are easy and quick to set up and use.  Our solutions are also highly customizable for those specialized and unique situations every office encounters.  

Let us help you technologically architect your office with our line of products that not only work the way you think they should, but will achieve cost efficiencies  and a better bottom line immediately.  

  • GASB Compliant Fund Accounting
  • Payroll
  • ​​​Utility Billing Solutions
  • Work Order Dispatch
  • Project Tracking
  • GASB Compliant Inventory Management
  • Web Services / GIS
  • Electronic Filing Cabinet
  • Custom Software and Development
  • Well behaved software that always works as it should every time.
  • 24 x 7 x 365 Support
  • Two-way Online Remote Support
  • Compliance consulting & services
  • "One to one" service guarantees you will always talk to real support person, and you will never be passed around to different trainers or support personnel